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We want to create an environment where a culinary dream can become a salivating success; a place that makes accessible the unique and explosive blend of tastes, texture and vibe in the Caribbean. Your culinary tour guide that will allow your taste buds to sample the sun, sea, sand as enmeshed in culture as each mouth full is saturated with flavour. This is a place to ‘Taste The Caribbean.’

Sweet Potato Press (Europe) Ltd, one of Europe's leading facilitators in the Caribbean Food sector, is the home of Taste the Caribbean. The company is committed to illuminating the diverse range of Caribbean Cuisine experiences available in Europe and to Europeans. In practical terms, this means signposting individuals to:

In addition Sweet Potato Press will:

Taste the Caribbean then, reflects the experiences, desires and aspirations of its network. A Network made up of individuals like you. Join today and tell us your story.


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